We sort and recycle post-consumer plastic

The family owned company was established 2011.

We are passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to sustainable solutions, and have an environmental approval to receive and treat organically contaminated plastic on our custom-built recycling plant. 

The plastic waste comes from both Danish municipalities and private companies and is being regenerated into reuseable raw materials here in Denmark!

Our customers are plastic suppliers like manufacturers, designers and product developers. In cooperation we will create a bigger potential for recycling post-consumer plastic to secure that the waste will be converted into new products.

We consider the dirty plastic as a resource and not as waste!



We have 3 different regenerated plastic types which can be customized to fit your specific needs.


PP/PE flakes and PP COPO granulate consists of 70% PP and 30% PE from post consumer plastic waste

LDPE granulate originated originally from plastic films, mostly plastic bags and trash bags


PP/PE flakes PP Copo granulat LDPE granulat


  • The post consumer plastic come from different municipalities households. We also receive plastic from restaurants, commercial kitchens, and festivals.
  • The products are throughly cleaned, recycled and has no smell
  • Can be used in injection molding
  • PP Copo and LDPE granulate are available for customization. For example: colours, additives, fiber enhancements
  • Delivers in big bags or according to customers request            

CO2 savings: when you produce in our recycled plastic you save the environment for 2,2 kg CO2 pr. 1 kg plastic.



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